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Wes and Gladys Storm Final 1hr 05 24 sec 031115.mp3
Wes and Gladys were longtime educators in the Rapid City area. During this interview they share information about not only the education system but Ellsworth Air Force Base and the 1972 Flood in Rapid City.

Mary Lou Lowry audio
Mary Lou Lowry talks about historic buildings in Rapid City including the Buell Building, Alex Johnson, and Rapid City High school. She shares many personal stories including one about meeting Mrs. Roosevelt.

Ron Johnsen audio
Ron Johnsen shares memories of his early years living in Rapid City, SD. Born here in 1943, Ron lived in the area until 1969 and then spent 30 years in Washington, D.C. He came back to the Black Hills because he says it is a simple wonderful place to…

Don Barnett audio
Mayor Don Barnett served Rapid City during the 1972 Flood. He discusses his memories of growing up in Rapid City, participating in politics in South Dakota in the '60s and '70s, and serving as Mayor of Rapid City. He also speaks about his time in…
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