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Ailsa Snyder became a part of the Rapid City Community in 1989 after her husband finished his 21 years of service in the U.S. Navy. Ailsa was born and raised in Crofton, England. She served in the British Navy and was stationed in Naples, where she…

Runnals, Chris 9.17.16.MP3
Christopher talks about his life in South Dakota.

A native of SD, retired Judge Marshall Young, shares fascinating stories about the trials he served on and life in Rapid City with his wife Brenda. He reflects on presiding over the trial of American Indian Movement co-founder Dennis Banks and the…

Former high school teacher and basketball coach David Strain is a Black Hills area historian and author. He discusses his book about Hay Camp, the Whipple family, and local 19th century artist Grace French.

Phyllis Guenin_Final032615.mp3
Adventures in Central Meade County are the focus of Phyllis Guienn's story. She shares tales of life at Union Center SD in the 1950's: from blizzards to rattlesnakes and teaching country school.

Gickling William Final.mp3
Interviewer Kim Morey talks with Bill about the changes in Rapid City. As a Rapid City businessman Bill talks about different business ventures, like his time owning the local Harley Davidson shop, as well as how the city expanded and the impact of…

Betsy's daughter, Leslee, interviewed her mother. Their conversation spanned from the first time Betsy met her future husband, Glenn Best, by catching a ride with him from Wasta to Wall, SD to the day Glenn passed away with Betsy remarking, "I want…

Ken Wrede, Helen Wrede's middle son, reads a script his mother prepared while she interjects additional information. Her grandfather John Richard Brennan was a prominent figure in Rapid City history.

Milo Winter shares memories from directing the Stevens High School and Municipal Band. Special events include playing halftime at a Broncos game, performing at Mt. Rushmore and trips to Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Hawaii.

Reddick_June Final.mp3
Originally from Owanka, South Dakota, June's ancestors moved to the area in the 1800's. She shares stories of "average, everyday life" growing up in the country during the Great Depression: from fly and mosquito infestations to being excited over the…
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