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Vess Babe Steinberg Final.mp3
This former Rapid City Firefighter talks about Rapid City school fires, riding horses all over western South Dakota, his military service during the Battle of Saipan and return to Rapid City in 1946. Mr. Steiberg shares his opinions about how Rapid…

Vesta Wells Johnson edited.mp3
Growing up in the 1960's in Rapid City, Vesta covers some of the old hot spots like "The Hole", "The Embers", and "The Covered Wagon Restaurant". She also discusses her love of horses, music and dancing.

Former County Commissioner Gale Holbrook shares memories of his time as a barge operator in China and the Philippines and his experience owning a 75 unit mobile home park during the 1972 flood among other reflections.

Gickling William Final.mp3
Interviewer Kim Morey talks with Bill about the changes in Rapid City. As a Rapid City businessman Bill talks about different business ventures, like his time owning the local Harley Davidson shop, as well as how the city expanded and the impact of…

Betsy's daughter, Leslee, interviewed her mother. Their conversation spanned from the first time Betsy met her future husband, Glenn Best, by catching a ride with him from Wasta to Wall, SD to the day Glenn passed away with Betsy remarking, "I want…

Dave and Patty Ploof talk about Post 22 Baseball in Rapid City, the 1972 flood , the Dining on the Diamond experience and Dave's love of baking pie.

Duane Whalen recounts growing up in Rapid City, SD, spanning from his days as a youth in the area to how he became the Activities Director for the Rapid City Area Schools.

Wes and Gladys Storm Final 1hr 05 24 sec 031115.mp3
Wes and Gladys were longtime educators in the Rapid City area. During this interview they share information about not only the education system but Ellsworth Air Force Base and the 1972 Flood in Rapid City.

Verne Sheppard audio
Verne talks about his time as a broadcast professional in the area. He tells stories about folks he's interviewed, including Johnny Cash, Jimmy Dean, and Henry Fonda to name a few. Verne also remembers the 1972 Flood and how it affected his job at…
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