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Ron Johnsen audio
Ron Johnsen shares memories of his early years living in Rapid City, SD. Born here in 1943, Ron lived in the area until 1969 and then spent 30 years in Washington, D.C. He came back to the Black Hills because he says it is a simple wonderful place to…

Groethe Family audio pt. 1
Five members of the Groethe family are interviewed by Bev Pechan. The family had many memories of living in Rapid City, SD. They took turns speaking about what they could remember, and also spent some time discussing what one sibling remembered…

Carl Anderson audio
Carl Anderson talks to interviewer Kim Morey about his career in construction, building houses and more in and around Belle Fourche, SD. During World War II, Mr. Anderson served in the US Army in Japan, and recounts parts of that experience.
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